How to write a Positioning Statement

The authors at Beloved Brands believe brands have four choices. They can be better, different, cheaper or not be around for very long. (Source:

How do you become a Marketing Director?

Team Darwin's Chief Strategist, Nick Radley asks top UK marketers their advice on how to make the jump to Marketing Director, head of Marketing, etc. In the chair: Andrea Newman (HSBC), Wander Bruijel (Philips) and Mark Cameron (Land Rover) Source: Bums on Seats - in association with Marketing Magazine

The Top Five Global Retailers in 2014

Wal-Mart is still the worlds largest global retailer, maintaining its ranking at three times the size of it's nearest rival, Carrefour. This video examines the global trends impacting the ranking and position of these and other brands composing of the top five largest global retailers. Source: Euromonitor International

The Power of Human-to-Human Marketing

How global brands turn consumers into marketers. The evolution of social media allows the consumer to be the best source of marketing for brands. Discussion at the Festival of Media Latin America, 2014. Participants: • Carlos Garcia, CEO, Nobox • Fabiana Farias, VP of Marketing and Ecommerce, Marriott International Inc.

Creating effective brand experiences

Marc Woollard, Director of Experience Design at VBP Orange, judged the final round of the Brand Experience category for the 2014 North American Effie Awards. Hear his take on the key to creating effective brand experiences and best practices for navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.