New Leader at the Helm of IAB Advertisers’ Club

New Leader at the Helm of IAB Advertisers’ Club
IAB Hungary has appointed Györgyi Gyovai, Nestlé Hungary’s communications and marketing director as head of the organization’s Advertisers´ Club.

The new club leader takes over in July 2015 from Gergely Toth, who wishes to concentrate on his work at Brain Bar Budapest and the development of the Zirc Abbey Beer Manufactory.

Györgyi Gyovai is a marketing specialist with broad experience in strategy development, innovation and product development, as well as branding. She said: “My aim is to gain new momentum for the IAB Advertisers’ Club along the lines that the organization has achieved so far. I’d like to get more colleagues involved and create a forum for useful and inspiring interaction.”

The IAB Advertisers’ Club is a forum for marketing and communications professionals working on the client side. The club was founded in November 2012 and aims to provide a forum of discussion on digital marketing for companies where specific proposals and actions can take shape, boosting the industry and the development of digital communication.

Gergely Toth played an important role in the launch of the club. The organization has welcomed close to 100 professionals since its introduction.

Uhri László

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